These are some of the questions that are frequently asked by users who are considering “Do-it yourself” solutions to repairing their hard drive and recovering their data.

The answers are based off of our experience in the data recovery field as a veteran data recovery companyDatarecoverythai has seen many cases and some of the most difficult and even unrecoverable cases have been from users who have attempted DIY methods and damaged the drive further.

If your data is important please contact Datarecoverythai to ensure you have the best possible chance to recover your data.

General Data Recovery FAQs

How long does data recovery take?

Data recovery can be a very complex and time consuming process, simple jobs may be completed in a day and more complex recovery involving our forensic tools may take days or weeks.

How much will data recovery cost?

The prices for the data recovery for your files will depend on the nature of the data loss, the media and many other factors. Datarecoverythai will provide you with detailed cost estimates before any recovery is made and a full invoice will be given before get your data back.

What about the privacy of my data?

Datarecoverythai takes the privacy of your data very seriously all copies of your data are wiped (3 pass process) from our servers once you have taken delivery of your data. And we have a non-disclosure agreement we can sign for the most sensitive cases as required.

Hard Disk Data Recovery FAQs

My drive is making a really weird noise. What should I do?

If your hard drive is making unusual noises TURN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY. This symptom usually indicates a head crash that will most likely destroy most of your data. Avoid attempting recovery yourself on severely traumatized drives (i.e., turning your computer off and on, or using over-the-counter diagnostic tools), as doing so may cause further damage or permanent data loss.

Why is my drive "clicking"?

Clicking is usually caused by a damaged Head Stack, or failure of the preamp (a chip located on the head stack). The most common solution for this is a “Head swap”

My drive does not power on anymore, what is wrong?

This is a very common problem; and usually has to do with the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The drive may have taken damage from overvoltage. Check for burnt components on the PCB.

Can't I just run some software to get my data back?

Sometimes you can recover your files only using software. This is typically when your drive might have suffered a “head crash” from getting jolted around, or shut off abruptly. This will cause what is called “bad sectors” which, in this case can be recovered. If your hard drive is failing mechanically, software alone is usually not enough.

Can I open my drive and fix it at home?

No. Opening your hard drive in a standard air environment will certainly destroy any chance of recovering data from the drive. The only safe place to open a HDD is within a clean room facility. These rooms are kept under strict standards, using large HEPA filters, and clean practices; some of these rooms have less than 100 particles of dust per square inch.

Why does data recovery cost so much?

Data recovery is a complicated field. Most professionals have studied and worked with computers, and hard drives for near a decade. It is a very niche line of work, and there is a lot involved as well as at stake. Think of data recovery professionals as “Hard drive brain surgeons”.

I was told it will cost me more if I want to have the old broken hard disk back why is that?

This is not always the case but in some serious cases Datarecoverythai uses parts from many “donor” drives to help us repair badly damaged drives, often 2 or 3 donor drives may be needed to recover one failed drive, if you let us keep your old drive for parts we offset the cost of that drive against the parts of other donor drives that were need to recover your old drive. If you really want to keep the old drive for peace of mind or sentimental reasons then we are happy to return it to you but we may need to charge a bit more for the parts used in your recovery.

How can I prevent myself from having to use data recovery services?

Backup. Always keep multiple backups of your important files. It is recommended to have your data stored on multiple types of media (i.e. hard drives, flash drives, and dvd and/or disc media). The chance of all of these failing at once is near impossible

What is the average lifespan of a modern hard drive?

The lifespan of a HDD can vary depending on many variables. Environment (temperature, humidity) can adversely affect the lifespan of a drive. Overall if your drive is in “ideal” conditions it should last 5 years give or take. The best practice is to always keeps backups and replace your drive every 3-4 years to be safe.

What happens if one of the parts inside the drive I am trying to recover is damaged?

Datarecoverythai has a very large stock of hard disk parts so we should be able to find parts to replace the drive to get it to a stage where we can recover the data to a new drive.

Media Data Recovery FAQs

I accidentally formatted my memory card in my device (camera, mp3 player, phone etc) can it be recovered?

Yes we can recover the lost data on a memory card, please make sure you don’t take any new photos or copy any files onto the memory card as this will make recovery much more difficult.

My device fell in the water and no longer works, can you recover my files?

Yes we have a very high success rate with recovery from water damaged media. Please do not try to turn the device on and remove the battery if possible.

Laptop Data Recovery FAQs

What Will A Repair Cost?

We will carry out a detailed inspection to establish the true cost of repair and let you know before we carry out any work. If we feel that the repair is not economically viable then we will advise you not to go ahead with the repair.

How Long Does It Take?

The majority of our laptop repairs are completed within a day but some will take longer as we require parts but we will always keep you informed of any possible delays.

Is It Worth Fixing?

Sometimes a repair just isn’t viable due to the laptops age or the cost of replacement parts. We will always inform you if your laptop isn’t worth fixing before you incur any cost.

What about My Data?

In most cases your data will be safe and will be fully intact when your repaired laptop is returned. If your laptop is deemed beyond repair we can return your data in a caddy so you can read the data via a pc or laptop for a fee.

What If I Choose To Reject Your Estimate?

That’s fine. Just let us know and we will return your laptop. If we don’t hear from you we will wait for 4 weeks before wiping your data and breaking down the laptop before recycling.